Our Product

Cast Iron Skillets with a Big Message!

8" decorative skillet


We specialize in milling unique, custom orders on Cast Iron skillets for functionality or display only. We are excited to mill the perfect creation for you!

5 inch decorative skillet


These skillets make the perfect gift!
Each skillet can be custom designed, just use your imagination!

8 inch seasoned sample


We not only engrave these skillets for home decor purposes, but we can also season them so you can still use them for cooking/baking!

CNC Crazy

All engraving will be done with a CNC Milling machine and/or laser engraver.


We Offer Two Finish Options

Our Decoration Only option – The traditional cast iron look of  silver engraving on a black background. These are then coated with polyurethane for a lasting finish.

Our Seasoned For use or Functional option – The skillet is seasoned on the engraved bottom, similar to the seasoning required on the cooking surface.

Seasoned skillets have a brown, almost bronzed look when finished and will get darker upon use. 

More Samples of our Work