We ship via USPS and shipping cost is based on weight.

Larger skillets cost more to ship than smaller ones.

We are busy folks creating these treasures, so the lead time may vary.

Please feel free to call or email about an order; we would be happy to help you!

Skillet Price Guide

3.5 inch Mini Skillet

$25.00 each

Show me the 3.5"

5 inch Skillet

$35.00 each

Show me the 5"

6 inch Skillet

$42.00 each

Show me the 6"

8 inch Skillet

$65.00 each

Let's See the 8"

9 inch Skillet

Currently Unavailable

7 inch Round Server

 $40.00 each

Check these out!

10 oz Rectangle Mini Server

$32.00 each

More on the 10 oz, please!

Please Note:

  **Shipping charges  are based on a single skillet. 

Multiple skillets can be shipped in a single box. 

Contact us for Shipping Quotes** 

For orders over 10 items, please contact us for pricing options.

Discounts on multiple piece orders are based on a single design/logo.