About NOMO Milling

Having always lived in rural farming and ranching communities, we set out to start a small business doing repairs on parts for farm equipment. In 2015, the first step was taken with the purchase of a 1986 Bridgeport Milling Machine.

Knowing most farm equipment contains cast iron parts, we figured we'd better know what we were dealing with and what it would take to mill cast iron. We had a rusty, old cast iron skillet hanging in the shop and to see how the cast iron worked with the old Bridgeport, we milled a brand and horse into it. Our neighbor saw it hanging on the wall and asked if he could purchase it for his daughter’s birthday.

Through word of mouth, more requests for similar items were coming in. We realized there was a market for engraved cast iron. Our customers loved the idea of personalized heirloom pieces with their ranch names and brands engraved. Being unable to locate anyone with this service, NOMO Milling began.


We have come a long way from the brand and horse engraved in the rusty cast iron skillet and now provide personalized custom pieces that can be shared for generations.

Our business values quality paired with efficiency, so we retired the old Bridgeport and upgraded to a modern milling machine. We have also added a CO2 and Fiber Laser to create other personalized products and can engrave various metals, wood, and leather.

We truly love creating one-of-a-kind personalized pieces and working with customers to have their visions realized. Custom engraved cast iron skillets are a great way to commemorate an event, celebrate a wedding, anniversary (fun fact: the traditional 6-year anniversary gift is iron!), graduation, or any milestone. We have also had customers use these timeless skillets to provide gifts for customer appreciation and awards.

Not only is cast iron the main focus of our business, we are also avid collectors and restorers of vintage cast iron. We enjoy our connections within the cast iron community through associations at regional conferences, on social media, and making genuine friendships. We cook with our cast iron daily and of course never go camping without a piece or two!

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